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The Ponderosa Approach

The Ponderosa Approach

Wealth management is a comprehensive plan that involves addressing each of our client’s major financial issues and creating a strategy to help them meet their most important financial goals. The three key ingredients to a successful wealth management plan are: Investment Consulting; Advance Planning; and Relationship Management.

Investment Consulting

Investment consulting is the foundation for wealth management. By addressing financial challenges other than investments, we can create solutions that are based on individual goals as well as define the obstacles that need to be overcome in order to realize their visions.

The critical factors that affect financial decisions are investment goals and the time they have to reach these goals, risk tolerance in investments and individual client’s desire to maintain prudent and diversified standards. Once these critical factors are defined, we create an investment structure that provides detailed recommendations for asset classes and how these classes should be allocated to best achieve your goals.

Advanced Planning

The other financial challenges our clients face, beyond their investments, often include wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable planning.

Wealth Enhancement

Wealth enhancement is a process that strategically maximizes the tax efficiency of current assets and cash flow while, at the same time, maintains growth and preservation goals.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer helps clients to find and use the most tax-efficient way to distribute assets to succeeding generations based on the client’s wishes.

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection assists in minimizing our client’s exposure to risk and protect their wealth from potential creditors or litigators.

Charitable Planning

If appropriate, we help clients with philanthropic investment planning to ensure the family’s charitable goals are maximized and effective.

Relationship Management

As a trusted family advisor, Ponderosa Wealth Management provides consultation to guide the client in determining the most important aspects of their life and then build a comprehensive plan for successful wealth management. We oversee a team of professional consultants on behalf of the family to ensure the family’s goals are achieved.